We're committed to providing and maintaining a safe, COVID-secure shopping environment for our customers and staff. Since the dawn of the pandemic we have introduced, reviewed and evolved measures to keep everyone safe. You can read our guidance below for your safety and peace of mind.

To read the guidance for CUSTOMERS which includes how you can help keep yourselves and us safe, CLICK HERE 

To read our in-house guidance for staff, CLICK HERE

Is your produce organic?

We do sell some organic products. Much of our dry store cupboard produce from renowned wholesaler Suma is ethically sourced from organic plantations all around the world. We don't however usually stock organic fruit and vegetables. In our experience, truly organic-certified produce has not met the standards of quality our customers have sought and it has not offered the same value for money.

Is your produce all local?

If it is grown locally, we will always endeavour to stock local produce! It supports other local farmers like ourselves, costs less to transport and above all will always be fresher. If it isn't grown locally, we will seek out the finest available alternative from within the UK. If it isn't grown in the UK, or isn't available in the UK all year round then we call on the wholesale produce markets of Liverpool and Manchester where fresh produce is imported daily.

Surely you will be more expensive than the supermarkets?

Not so! Supermarkets may well offer special deals, gimmick prices or 'basics' lines to entice the customer. Truth is, when you compare produce of the same quality level, we are very often cheaper. We offer most of our goods loose so you can buy what you need, not what we want you to buy. Our relationships with Lancashire farms means we can keep transport costs low and cut out the middle man, giving our customers really competitive prices!

Do you take card payments?

Yes, we accept card payments using most major credit and debit cards with no minimum spend.

Do you have parking?

We have ample free parking adjacent to the shop.

Are you wheelchair-friendly?

We have adequate space to accommodate wheelchair customers and are always happy to help any customer needing assistance, regardless of the reason.

Can I order meat?

Yes. We are happy to accept pre-orders for any meats. Our butcher can prepare any cut to your specific needs. We receive deliveries 3 times each week, call in or give us a ring on 01744 892208 to discuss.

Can I come shooting on your land?

No. The shoot on our land is not open to the public.

Do any public footpaths lead to Windy Arbour?

Only the pavements! A number of public footpaths pass through our farmland, but none of them run up to the yards, house or the shop. Please do not attempt to reach the farm by any path other than via the main road entrance.

Do you sell flowers?

We did once sell flowers but we have not done for some time now.

Do you accept business cards and flyers?

We only accept promotional material for community-based events or campaigns and will usually post these one week in advance.

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