July 2022


Alongside our new EPOS Till system, we're launching a new electronic (& plastic card) reward card replacing the 'stamp card'. Its all very clever. Its a fairer, simpler spend-based points system and so there will be winners and losers Vs the old system. BUT, its important to note that any existing stamps will be valued as per the outgoing system so you wont lose anything you've already earned. We're being honest and saying that the new version isn't as generous as in the past. We too are feeling the effects of rising overheads and a lot has changed in retail since our first loyaty card was launched. Its still better than any supermarket or Co-Op card with all the benefits of shopping local and independently as well of course! 

The basic set up will be that each full £1 spent will be worth 1 point/pence.
You'll need to earn a minimum of 250 points to redeem the cash value.
We're planning to offer bonuses at various points milestones that will allow you to 'top-up' your earnings from to 1.5% overall.

Plus we're aiming to put more exclusive one-off offers on to card holders too.


To retain the value of your existing stamps, keep any old stamp cards or receipts with stamps on and once the cards arrive and we set you up with one, we'll add the value of your stamps to yourt new card.

ALSO... retain ANY RECEIPTS FROM THE NEW TILLS which are in use from Monday 4th July 2022. These receipts act as proof of purchase and of points earned which again, will be added once the cards arrive.


**Outgoing Stamp Card**

We've got a lot of loyal customers, some who've even been coming ever since Granny Turner first opened the door in 1974! So, we think its great to reward loyalty and having started in 2017, hundreds of customers have ammassed thousands of points and redeemed thousands of pounds worth of rewards. Sadly, Swipii - our original card provider - have withdrawn the card system in favour of a one that, while very clever, is one we feel wouldn't suit our customers base.

So... grab yourself one of our very own loyalty cards launching summer 2019! If you did hold a Swipii card, you'll see the similarity in how it works. However now, having two years of trends to look back on, its been a chance to review what works and what doesnt. Everyone is still rewarded each time they visit the shop, but now you're rewarded for your spend as well as your visit-by-visit loyalty. 

Here's how it works:


Each time you shop you will receive stamps on your card depending upon how much you have spent. Stamps will be awarded as follows…

1 stamp        1p - £4.99          
2 stamps      £5 - £24.99         
3 stamps      £25 - £49.99       
4 stamps      £50 +                 


8 STAMPS            EGGstra! Buy 6 eggs & get 6 free
16 STAMPS          REFRESHER! Bottle of Fitzpatrick cordial
16 STAMPS          SIZZLER! 6 pork sausages & 6 eggs
32 STAMPS          STEAK OUT! 2 steaks of your choice*
40 STAMPS          TREAT YOURSELF! Take £10!

Rewards are redeemable on the next visit after you qulaify for them (or thereafter).
They can't be claimed on the day you achieve enough stamps for the chosen reward.

*(must be pre ordered once 32 stamps are obtained)


Any questions? Just ask us when you're here!
Happy stamping!