Passionate About Finest Produce

Passionate About Finest Produce

We're passionate about the finest produce. It's in our roots! Here at Windy Arbour farm shop of Wigan, you'll find fantastic fresh produce, fruit and vegetables from local Lancashire farms alongside the best exotic produce from around the world.

And what's more, its not just called fresh, it IS fresh. Produce from the local farms located in Wigan, St Helens and suddounding Lancashire areas, are cut to order for us, and delivered to the shop the same day! Summer berries are picked at tea time, travel to us overnight and are on your plate the next day. So you don't only get great value for the finest produce at the counter - you'll enjoy it more, and waste less because it lasts.

If it is available locally, you'll find it here. However, that doesn't mean we don't go further afield. Different parts of the UK spcialise in different produce. Here in Lancashire, it's salads, vegetables & potatoes mainly. The warmer climes of further south yield some fantastic berries and the renowned English asparagus. Beyond the UK, our links with the international markets allow us to bring in some absolutely fantastic produce that we can't grow in this country. Sparkling citrus, scrumptious stone fruits and mouth-watering melons are just a few examples!

Closer to home we're really serious about spuds. The family has a long history of growing them, selling them and yes, eating them. We really do know our stuff and all our staff are trained in which are best for what use. From Jersey Royals in spring to great local winter all-rounders, you'll find the perfect potato for you.

Are we tempting your taste buds yet? Take a look at our product list which will show you what we stock all year and what's seasonal and available RIGHT NOW!

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