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In a year of adaptation, we're opening up choice and services to cater for more circumstances.

Its been a bit topsy turvy this year. Different people have different needs and different personal circumstances. Thats why we've tried yet again to adapt what we do to try to cater for the broad range of situations people now find themselves in. We're also aware that people will be worried about queueing more at a time of year when time is in short supply. Read on to find out more about what we're doing in what we've called #socialchristmasting   

Turkey Orders

We’ve been offering fresh Lancashire turkeys since 2009, and we’re delighted to say that means hundreds of successful Christmas dinners already. We offer full birds ranging from 10lb to 20lb collected fresh from J&A Garth in Lancaster just days before Christmas, alongside boneless and rolled turkey breast known as 'crowns' which our regular butcher David Green expertly prepares for us. Prefer duck or goose? That's no problem either.

As you will see on our order form though, we accept orders for ANY meats for collection whether you are ordering turkey or not. Some items are listed individually on the form but if your requirement ISN'T listed, just add it on yourself in the appropriate section.

We realise that Christmas Dinner parties might be smaller this year BUT we must also remember that at the time of hatching, circumstances were different and lockdown was on the way out. So please remember that these birds don't grow to order - smaller turkeys might be a popular choice this year, but we can't slow their growth without compromising quality and welfare, something which isn't an option.

How to order:
This year you can order in person or online.

In person: Simply print your form (click the button below), fill it in, and come and see us with a £10 deposit. 

Online: go to 
Please read all the instructions carefully.

No matter how you order, this year you can book an Out Of Hours collection for your meat order. These will be limited to 12 per 30 minutes so this may be a much faster way for you to collect. There are only 144 collection tickets in total.

These can ONLY be booked online at 
and are priced £1 to cover administration fees. If you are placing your order in the shop please do this BEFORE you book a collection slot. 

Click for the Turkey Form

Christmas Dinner Veg Boxes

For the first time since 2015 we will be offering a Christmas Dinner Veg Box. This willl  be a 'set menu' box and will be available for collection out of hours from Sunday 20th December. There will be a fruit add-on box but those will be the only two boxes available. To enable us to serve as many people as possible, we aren't offering different sized boxes, we cannot alter the contents, not pick 'shopping lists'.

At a time where we've all tried to help each other out, if you find something you wont use, why not give it to someone who will appreciate it! Or if you feel there won't be enough, order 2 boxes.

These will be available via online order only. The link to order will appear here when they go on sale. 

Unfortunately you can't coincide your veg box collection with your Out of Hours meat collection slot. Of course you do have the opportunity to book both for the same day/time while slots last but this can't be automated by us.

Social Distancing & Queueing 

Whatever the guidelines are at the time, we will continue to uphold the high standards we have become renowned for throughout the pandemic. Please respect our rules and staff enforcing them at all times. Remember... queues may look longer than normal but everyone will be spaced 2m apart.

Christmas Trees

Perhaps more than ever you'll want to decorate your house happy this year - we hope you will anyway. But again, things are different. Budgets are cut, we're more environmentally aware, and some of us don't want to mix. 

SO....! This year we'll be offering the following to help everyone find their way to the perfect real Christmas tree. In addition to our usual premium selection we'll be offering:

  • A budget/value option.
  • UK-grown options.
  • Ticketed browsing at peak times  -bookable online in advance.
  • Full online ordering with delivery - no need to even visit.

We wil also be changing the way we display trees and serve customers to help prevent both us and the customer from being exposed to risk.

More details will follow in due course!

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