Explore More at Windy Arbour Farm

We are not alone. Or at least not any more! We are delighted from March 2018 to welcome some new friends to Windy Arbour Farm in the form of Carly's Beauty Salon and CM Fitness. Both these great independent businesses run by young ambitious local people came to us looking for new premises and (eventually!) we were able to offer them both what they were looking for. While the family have been on the farm for well over 150 years, welcoming other businesses on to the farm has never been something that had been considered but the fact is that the modern farm has to look to diversify and try new ideas in order to secure the next 150 years! So check them out, what Carly's and CM Fitness have in common is that they are both businesses that may appeal to our existing Windy Arbour customer base which was of great importance when taking the decision to rent the spaces to them. Follow the links below to learn more....

Carly's Beauty Salon

CM Fitness